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The Black Key Society

The Black Key Society is a society dedicated to the art and practice of Old/New World Witchery in its myriad forms.  We are not affiliated with any religion but seek to study and practice witchery fully engaged in the practice of witchcraft in a living and personal way.

Not everyone has the witch blood and calling to live this way.  There are plenty of people who want to practice and live out of books and jumping from teacher to teacher without having a living experiential relationship and calling from the spirits.  There is numerous lore out there that those with the living power of witchery have demon seed in their lineage, or are descended from the fallen angels who mated with humanity, or have blood lineage from the nature spirits...we have no idea.  What is clear is not everyone is meant for this path.  Because of that The Black Key Society does not welcome everyone.

We reject the moral codes of harm none, rule of three, karma and other imperatives other than the morality of our o…