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New Beginning

Several years ago, I began and completed the Hoodoo Rootwork Course offered by Lucky Mojo Curio Company under the leadership of Catherine Yronwode.  I did the practices, but like a seed the course needed time to germinate.


I had a powerful dream last night.  I dreamed of demons, cunning and tricky coming after me.  After running and hiding, I tried to invoke the name of Jesus.  It made them uncomfortable but they did not flee.  So I started praying to God.  I prayed loud and hard.  I asked God to send His angels.  He did.  Both the demons and angels appeared as ordinary people.  I had shut and locked myself in the bathroom.  Angels set a line of blessed salt at the door so the demons could not pass.  The battle ensued.  I kept praying and finally we won.  Wonderful powerful dream.