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The Changing of the Seasons

It has been nearly six months since my partner of 16 years passed away.  I thought I would not survive this.  But I have.  However like the old story of wrestling with the angel, I have not come out of this unscathed.  I am changed. I have lost 90 pounds having changed my diet and sedentary lifestyle.  I have friends and get out and do things. I don't glamorize nor demonize the relationship that has passed away. I see now we were in a rut and really the relationship before he got sick was in a bad way. He had even told me in the hospital that prior to going in he had taken off the rings we had exchanged several months prior and I had not even noticed.  Yep. Things were not great.  We loved each other but were in a rut and a bad place. 
So now I am looking at my radically different life.  I went from upper middle class to near poverty level.  I live with two roommates.  I moved from my four bedroom 2750 sq ft home to a single bedroom.  I realize that my job is not going to really be…