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I received some great news today. The biopsy from my partner's abscess have revealed what type of bacteria it is and that the regimen of antibiotics he is on will take care of it. He will survive and heal. Though the process of recovery will be slow, at least it will not be fatal.

Through all of this, I have really wrestled in my relationship with God and really trying to understand who God is. With all this also questions of the afterlife are right there with me.

One thing that stands strong in me is that I am a Universalist. In the Gospel of Thomas, the reader is challenged to go within and realize they are a child of God...a spark meant to return to the fire. The Bhagavad Gita reminds us too that no one will be lost and even a leaf offered will be accepted. The Gospel of Matthew too speaks that in serving another they are serving God even if they do not know it. What these things point to is an incredible God who sees any goodness as done to God's self. In the Goddess myths people often meet the Goddess unaware and in doing good to the stranger they serve Her.

In this dark time I prayed the rosary, prayed, chanted from many traditions, and had people of every faith and no faith praying, chanting, sending Reiki, and even performing healing rituals on his behalf. I believed all were and are effective. God through all this took many names and faces. She was the Mother who comforted and held us. He was the Father holding my hand teaching me to be strong. He was the Buddha teaching me to be present and thankful for each moment. God was also an intense sharpness of conscience like Kali's sword cutting away what was not ideal.

My faith is Universal in a living God too big to be contained with anyone mythos. Though my foundations are Christianity and Vedanta, my God is a God of a thousand names and faces.


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