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A lot has been going on the past couple of months.  My spouse has a mass on the brain and could use your prayers.  It has led to memory loss, the need for constant repitition, and someone constantly monitoring.  Just yesterday we left the hospital, and wow I am exhausted.  Now comes the long wait to see if the mass has caused any long term, permanent damage.

God of a Thousand Names and Ten Thousand Faces Spirit of the Tree, the Sky, Land and Sea You are God/dess of Life and Death. I pray for my loved one. I plead for the life and healing of my loved one. Help us both through this time, where our only hope rests in you.

Theological Masturbation

It feels good when you do it.  It is something you do when you "feel the need."  However, it produces no fruit, just merely self pleasuring.  I have to admit...I love theological masturbation.  In fact, a large chunk of this blog is simple self-pleasuring.  My fascination with the Gospel of Thomas and even Christianity and the Bible have been a long theological wank for some time.  It feels good and is fun to do, but has no real bearing on my life.  In fact much of the Gospel of Thomas is filled with things to think on or know, but next to nothing on praxis.  There is no lineage of Thomasine teachers.  Those who utilize it either try a reconstructionist approach or simply try to incorporate it within their current religion.  We know next to nothing about the ancient Thomasines, and let's face it- the GoT lends itself to many very different interpretations which each devotee often reads their assumptions and/or beliefs into the text.  I have done this.  I have tried …

Why I am a Progressive Christian Pt 2

In my previous post, I commented why I am a Thomasine, though I should probably mention all a Thomasine is, is a person who loves and really appreciates and even tries to follow the teachings of the Gospel of Thomas.  There are no great unbroken lines of Thomasine teachers, no liturgies, no rituals, no ancient commentaries on it.  In fact, one probably should have some knowledge of the Bible to gain insight into some of the things mentioned in the GoT.  It is what leads me to this post.

I also consider myself a Progressive Christian.  I believe in Jesus.  Was he born of a virgin?  Did he literally physically resurrect?  I was not there.  I do not know.  In reading the Bible, one will find contradictions, more than one story about an event with more than one story about it, that do not coincide.  You will find approaches to people of other religions, women, slaves, and such that are downright wrong.  However, this book is a part of me.  It is the writings of the "tribe" that a…

Why a Thomasine? Pt 1

I should start out by saying that I am a Christian.  I am a follower of Jesus.  However I am a Thomasine Christian.  The scripture I try to follow is the Gospel of Thomas.  While I am inspired by the Bible as a bit of insight into what the Hebrews thought about God in what is commonly called the Old Testament and find a lot to inspire and even be compatible with the GoT in the New Testament, I cannot believe nor even give a kind of gentle nod to much of the Bible.  The genocide, treatment of women, GLTB people, other races and religions in the Old Testament and the idea of exclusivism, the idea of God requiring a sacrifice as well as more sexism, homophobia, and supporting of slavery in the New keep me from returning to Christianity as I knew it.

I know and love many progressive Christians who have been able to move past these stories as well as literalism, however when I left that old fundamentalist paradigm I did not embrace the progressive mainstream view initially as because so mu…

Prayer and Silence

I have noticed a change taking place in my prayer life over the past six months.  My prayers have been much less of me talking and more of sitting in the presence of God.  In the Gospel of Thomas (Sayings 6 and 14) Jesus advises against hypocrisy in prayer, among other things.  In the other gospels he warns of being like those who pray to be heard by others, and making long prayers to appear spiritual.  I was part of the larger church movement and know that type of prayer...heck I was one of those who pray that way.  Also in these sayings in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus suggests for them to not do what you hate...this could be taken a couple of ways....don't act like those who do the things you hate (false piety), but also don't pray simply because you are "supposed" to.

     Prayer from the heart is not false.  At times I am angry and vent to God, other times I plead with God, knowing I am utterly powerless.  Still others I am absorbed into Silence..the very pr…