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New Google Software: 13 Free Downloads that You're Gonna Love

This bundle incorporates the most recent incredible assets with incalculable highlights that will profit you in various manners. There's content, photograph, music, and video applications, programs that address security issues, and things to help you in investigating the web. There's convenient work area applications and other valuable, timesaving treats. Two or three these projects have potential constrained uniquely by your creative mind. This is an incredible assortment for anybody, regardless of whether you're building sites, doing research, or simply surfing the web, and, the best part is that it's totally free!

This is what's incorporated...


Google Earth is a "3D Earth program" that lets you see real photographs of the earth from space to road level. Make maps, discover driving bearings, or take a gander at your own home. A bird's-eye perspective on the world...

Picasa is a photograph coordinator that permits you to discover t…
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The Beautiful and Ugly Side of Web Development Services

Seaward web advancement administrations have taken the WWW with storm. Their all-encompassing help and trend setting innovation at sensible expenses have made everyone to drop in and procure them for their web growing needs.

In any case, such as anything on this planet seaward web improvement administrations has different sides of coin. One the goody great and the other not all that great. Initially, the beneficial things about web advancement administrations.

1) Costs: They are financially savvy. An exploration uncovered that a large portion of the seaward administrations suppliers get business on the base of expenses. Everything comes optional. You can lessen your activities costs by the greater part. They deal with the expenses of advancement and also, you don't need to procure in-house engineers and put time in setting up foundation. You lessen your overhead costs like employing, selecting, annuity, P.F, and pay rates too.

2) Efficiency: Efficiency can be alluded as auxiliary…

Top Ten Tips for Web Hosting Comparison Shopping

I will put it all on the line and bet that the vast majority presumably wouldn't purchase a house or vehicle without examination shopping on the web. Hell, you likely wouldn't purchase a $70 pair of tennis shoes without looking. However a significant number of us barely care about pushing ahead with a web facilitating concurrence with no feeling of what the normal going rate is, and no obvious handle of what we're at last paying toward the end when the following restoration receipt comes due.

Americans' mentality toward web facilitating is, on occasion, free enterprise when you consider the normal website admin goes through $100 per year on it - too huge an expense to neglect.

One of the most exorbitant errors? Accepting that the appealing markdown that grabs your attention and impacts you to join - in case you're sufficiently fortunate to have one - is continually going to be accessible for you to rely on, later on not far off when your charging cycle is finished…

The Gods of Love

I practice a holistic spirituality.  That means I try to see the Divine within all off life.  The Inner and Outer life are both spiritual to me.  I honor the mind and its pursuits as sacred.  I honor the body and its pleasures and pains as holy.  I wander in the world of spirits and the Spirit as part of my beautiful path.  
Many of the world's spiritual paths are somewhat sex-negative.  However my training as a monk was within the Kaula Tantric tradition which is a "left-handed" Hindu tradition.  It is considered left-handed because it does not flinch from things that are often considered sins.  Rather we try to find the Divine even in them.  This includes sex and even pain.  
In my faith, the Divine has 100,000 faces and names.  Today I am thinking of those who are the Powers of love and desire.  I think of Angus Og, Kamadeva, Laxmi, Pan, Eros, Aphrodite, Oshun, Erzuli Freda.  
At times they embody the utter holiness of love in all its forms.  At other times, they manifes…

A Month of Loving-Kindness

Today is the first day of February. It is the first day of the end of my fast, and a new month of spiritual practice (while continuing with my meditation, yoga, and workout regimens). The practice I am committing to for February is at least one concrete act of loving-kindness (maitri in Sanskrit) every day. So often a day can pass by where I have not done something specific for another person other than that required by my job. I seek to change that and move beyond myself to that of recognizing others.

In taking time to consciously pay attention to others I am more apt to recognize the Divine in them. I want to practice a deep listening to their words and lives. I want connection, even if only brief. In serving them even in a small simple act of kindness, I serve God.

Confessions of a F*uckboy

Today marks the end of my fast from dating and sexual relations. One of the reasons I did this was the realization that I needed a new consciousness about dating and about sex. Why? Because I was a fuckboy. A fuckboy is a guy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a person on, build his or her trust and genuinely pretend to like the person only to lose interest once they have achieved their conquest. At one point this past summer I had twenty one dates with different people in a single month period. While I slowed down in the fall, realizing I was out of control, I still had the same mindset....often not even realizing the games I played with people's hearts. Thus, the need for this fast.

During this fast, I realized that I was a fuckboy trying to avoid real intimacy with a cheap facade. I did not have to risk getting close to anyone and thus did not risk getting hurt. This fast gave me another way to be. I gave myself no allowances for dating nor sex. …


Tomorrow is my final day of a period of a spiritual intensive I have undergone to really dig deep in my mind, heart and spirit.  I have taken up a time of intense workouts, yoga, twice daily meditation, a radical change of diet, and giving up sex and dating for that time.  It has been liberating and challenging.  This time has really brought things forward that were deeply buried and even had not totally wanted to face, but needed to.  I will write my reflection of that time more in-depth tomorrow, but suffice it to say, that it has revolutionized my relationship with God and my own Self.